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 Haunted York

Haunted York - famous ous for being the the most haunted city in Europe. With haunted york having more ghost sightings than anywhere else and with a blood thirsty history spanning 2000 years, its no wonder that there are so many ghostly goings on to investigate in haunted york.

Here are our recommendations for places to check out if you're on the lookout for ghostly goings on whilst in haunted york.

With the pub first recorded in the 1480s and with a building having stood on this site since Viking times, its little surprise that the Royal Oak on Goodramgate is famed for its range of ghostly residents - 3 specific ghosts are recorded, a lady called Charlotte, a little girl and a tall man in a hat- Call in and ask behind the bar to hear more about the spooky goings on! The Royal Oak is now also featured on one of the cities famous ghost walks. And the ghost stories aren't just stuff of legend - head down and talk to the members of staff who regularly see and hear spooks running round like they own the place!

Being built on the site of the major Roman Thoroughfare through York, its little surprise that with 2000 years of history the Punchbowl on Stonegate is home to several ghosts and a great many strange events. The ground floor of the pub is haunted by a mischevious soul known affectionately as 'Frederick', believed to be the ghost of a fisherman who used to drink there in the 1800s. Frederick is known for playing practical jokes upon staff and customers, such as rearranging furniture overnight, knocking glasses off the shelves and doors opening and closing by themselves! Late at night the figure of a tall man dressed in black can reputedly be seen at the base of the stairs.

The Punchbowl has suffered several major fires, and one resulted in the death of the Pub's landlord who was trapped inside. He is known to wander around the cellar, giving staff the eerie feeling they are being watched, usually accompanied by a strong smell of smoke!

However, it is the upstairs of the pub which is home to the most sinister occurences, attributed to a grisly moment in the pub's past. In the 16th century the pub used to be a brothel and a young girl was murdered here by one of the patrons in the uppermost bedroom. To this day you can hear the sound of footsteps running along the corridors late at night and someone hammering the walls of the upstairs rooms. One former chef fled the building one day after feeling a pair of hands around his neck and refused to work again. A former landlady was dragged by the hair across this room, even though nobody else was in the building at the time! To this day, many staff refuse to go into the room, complaining that it is always cold and they feel like they are being watched by a sinister presence..

That aside, the current landlord is a much less scary chap, and the Punchbowl has a great reputation for friendly, prompt food service and some great beers on tap! So, if you're looking for the most pleasurable way of going ghost hunting, why not head down and see for yourself!

The Black Swan Inn - a 15th century mansion and former family home, is home to a number of ghostly residents. A man in a bowler hat is often seen waiting impatiently at the bar, whilst a beautiful woman believed to be a jilted bride is often seen sat by the fire. In the main bar there is a clay pipe mounted on the wall, found during rennovation work which is said to send a chill down the spine of anyone who removes it from the bar area..

Happy Hunting!


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